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Knight Rider Historians


If you were a fan of the Knight Rider series back in the 80’s then this is the site for you!

These guys are the absolute authorities on the show and the KITT cars.


The site can be found here  you can find an interview with AJ Palmgren of Knight Rider Historians on Rob Kibbe’s excellent The Muscle Car Place podcast here



Revology – Classic Mustangs Reimagined


Taking the restomod so much futher are Florida based Revology who are reinventing everything but the shape of the classic Ford Mustang.

These vehicles are a true work of art as you can see here

You can listen to an interview with Tom Scarpello of Revology on Rob Kibbe’s excellent Muscle Car Place podcast via this link

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Kevin Flood on The Life and Times of Henry Ford: Eclectic American Icon and Business Legend!

Kevin Flood on The Life and Times of Henry Ford: Eclectic American Icon and Business Legend!

I recently did an in interview for my broadcasting and car guy friend Robert Kibbe’s excellent “The Muscle Car Place” Podcast

The subject that Robert kindly invited me to talk about was the Life and Times of Henry Ford, a topic that interests me a great deal.

It was a fun and enjoyable interview to do, hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I did doing it!

You can find it over on Robert’s excellent site here

Whilst you are there try Robert’s other podcasts and maybe buy a car from The Muscle Car Place classifieds?

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Robert Kibbe​ was kind enough to run my trailer for The Classic Car Show on americaswebradio.com on his excellent show The MuscleCar Place,​ listen to the whole show here!

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