Tag: The wonders of a 1969 Camaro cutaway car

The wonders of a 1969 Camaro cutaway car – Thomas A DeMauro @Hemmings

The wonders of a 1969 Camaro cutaway car – Thomas A DeMauro @Hemmings


An imaginative presentation is essential for drawing attention to a carmaker’s offerings at auto shows, special events, or dealers.

Chevrolet’s Show and Display Department took the idea to the extreme when transforming a few early-produced 1969 Camaros into “Double- Header” cars.

Several newspaper announcements from where they were scheduled to appear around the country stated, “The variety of ways a buyer can personalize Chevrolet’s popular Camaro in 1969 is dramatized in this specially built double-engined Camaro…”

ENGINE: Replacement clear acrylic (plastic) rocker covers that Mark had vacuum formed over original parts reveal the chrome-plated valvetrain items on the 350 V-8. Cutaways show the block’s water jackets, cylinder walls, pistons, and inside the heads and manifolds. White paint with a black outline highlights the areas.

An RS/SS body; an RS/SS front-end assembly with a 350-cu.in. V-8, TH350 three-speed automatic, and a highly detailed subframe and suspension; and a standard Camaro front end with the 250-cu.in. straight-six and a Powerglide two-speed automatic were attached to three platforms.

Mechanisms and electric motors worked in concert to rotate them and synchronize the tilting upward and downward of the modified-for-show body behind each altered front clip to provide the appearance of a whole car. The two front platforms also revolved 180 degrees, to better show the extensively cut away engines and transmissions with internals that turned slowly to highlight their operation

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