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Scrounger’s Guide – Magnesium Wheels – Thom Taylor @HotRodNetwork


More scroungers guide wisdom from the crew at HotRod Network, this time it’s Thom Taylor on the sourcing of used mag wheels.

If you want to get into a set of used mag wheels have a careful read of Thom’s article here as mag wheels can be downright dangerous in certain circumstances. Think about when you used to play around with bunsen burners and magnesium back in science class!



40 Years At HOT ROD, the Marlan Davis Saga – Hot Rod Network Thom Taylor

40 Years At HOT ROD, the Marlan Davis Saga


Forty years at one company is crazy, but that’s the landmark we’re celebrating for HOT ROD’s very unique, devoted, and walking GM part-number catalog, Marlan Davis. Forty years! You know him as HOT ROD’s Tech Editor par excellence—and he’s that, for sure. But Marlan is somewhat of a mystery, even to the staff, as his desert residence in Neenach, California, isolates him from city hustle and bustle, making commutes into Los Angeles a long haul and sightings at the HOT ROD mothership rare.

Great article on Marlan Davis from Thom Taylor here at The Hot Rod Network