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This 1994 Ford Thunderbird Has ’50 Ford Style – Shaun McGlaun @FordAuthority

This 1994 Ford Thunderbird Has ’50 Ford Style – Shaun McGlaun @FordAuthority


We’ve seen some wild custom rides over the years, and some are surprising in the level of detail they provide. The car you see here doesn’t look like it, but it’s a run-of-the-mill 1994 Ford Thunderbird. The upside is that the Thunderbird was one of the more enjoyable to drive versions with the 4.6-liter V8 under the hood.

The seller of the car took the front and rear from a 1950 Ford and grafted it onto the frame of the Thunderbird. This car is a very nicely done conversion, and the parts for the 1950 Ford fit very nicely on the frame of the Thunderbird and match up well.

Some fans of classic iron might not like seeing 1950 parts on a 1994 Thunderbird, but it’s much better than the Mustang we saw with the front of a Camaro and an LS V8 under the hood. The seller of the 1994 Ford Thunderbird says that the car has new disc brakes and rotors and four new Sumitomo tires.

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Buying a 1955-57 Ford Thunderbird? Here’s what you need to know – Benjamin Hunting @Hagerty


Sometimes the best ideas don’t come from inside a company but rather spring forth as a reaction to external forces. When Chevrolet brought its two-seat Corvette to the New York Auto Show in 1953, it couldn’t have known that it was about to inspire Ford to punch back with one of the most storied nameplates in the Blue Oval’s history: the Thunderbird.

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West Wycombe Vintage Car Show


Took about an hours trip to the West Wycombe Summer Fayre and Vintage Car Show.

A nice selection of cars in a lovely lawn setting and a beautiful day into the bargain.

As last week not too many American cars, but those that were there were pretty cool.

Highlights for me were a nice blue RHD Chevy convertible, and a gold T-Bird.

I’ve used a bit of licence on this post, Jensen Interceptors have a Chrysler V8 and the Sunbeam Tiger has a Ford 289.


Lovely day all round!

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