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Drag Link Tie Rod End Replacement



Quite a lot of play in the tie rod end ball joint on the steering arm on the 1940’s steering fitted to the Model A, so time to change the joint.

The joint was really badly seized and rusted, so I thought I’d try the “Rost Off Ice” freezing and penetration spray from Wurth.

This stuff is tremendous, it works a treat, freed everything off very quickly indeed!

Removed the coupling, cleaned it up and replaced the left hand threaded tie rod end, and the refitted everything.

The bolts are a little too long and I need to align the steering wheel but happy with what I got done today!



Tie Rod End et al


Left hand front tie rod end ball joint is pretty badly worn, so lets get to it 🙂
Managed to break the joint with the trusty fork, but the coupling sleeve & clamps are pretty seized.

Tie rod end

You can see the “back in the day modified” shock absorbers in this picture 🙂 You can also see the worn “dog bone” shock absorber link. I have new rubbers for these links but looking at the state of them this may be a bit of as job!!

Tie rod end

So as I have to keep the car whole and mobile after each “session” due to a lack of room reassembly and look some parts up is the next move.