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Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlacing Challenge Part 1

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlacing Challenge Part 1


Been putting it off for some time but the time has come to get it done!

Windlace is the weatherstrip that fits around the door aperture.

On an older car the strip is fitted via a number of methods, nails, rivets and retaining strips and sometimes even glue.

First job was to refurbish the upper retaining strips on both doors

A lot of old oddly coloured paint and two different sorts of windlace side to side was found.

First job was to start sanding the pieces down and treating them with Hammerite Direct to Rust paint on the rear.

Next activity was to prep the front of the strips and apply four coats of filler primer. After the primer had dried for 24 hours it was then lightly flatted with 2500 wet and dry abrasive. After this the surfaces were cleaned with pre-painting wipes. Following this four coats of top coat were then applied.

Back soon with Part 2