Tadley Treacle Fair and Some Rugged Yanks

Took a trip to a local village fair which had a small transport show, a few interesting Yanks were on show.

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Tour through the River Rouge Plant (circa 1939) | The Jalopy Journal The Jalopy Journal

Interesting from the Jalopy Journal a tour of the Ford River Rouge Plant in 1939. We went a few years ago and F150 trucks were being built on a vastly different line. The visitor centre and tour is good, as is a look at the nearby Greenfield Village 

Meet Vern (originally published in 2009)

Meet Vern the Ford Ranger Truck!

Had a small water leak to cure around the third brake light

Made a nasty mess of the headlining

Sealed around the lamp with some silicone

and now it’s all good (so far:))

Brochure Collection

Collection of American Car Sales Brochures dating from the 60’s to the 2000’s mostly GM

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