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Rudy Makela’s 1950 WOW Cadillac – One of America’s Earliest Custom Cadillacs – @UndiscoveredClassics

Hi Gang… The story below was written by my good friend Rik Hoving who runs the Custom Car Chronicle.  Rik and I share a great appreciation for both custom cars and sport customs.  Those of you interested in these kinds of… Read More ›

Mike Akens Victress S1A Nears Completion – Geoffrey Hacker @UndiscoveredClassics

Hi Gang… More and more we’re seeing handcrafted American sports specials being “discovered” and written about across America.  But something else interesting is happening too.  They’re being restored – just like Mike Akens’ Victress S1A roadster in today’s story. Mike… Read More ›

American Specials Buyer’s Guide: History, Trends, Valuation & Appraisal Services – @UndiscoveredClassics

What  Did  You  Find?  Should  You  Restore?  What  Might  It  Be  Worth? Begin  To  Answer  Your  Questions  Here. The Buyers Guide For American Specials focuses on four areas: “History” – An area where people can read modern and vintage articles on American… Read More ›

1955 Woodill Wildfire Wins “Car of the Exhibition” at Stuttgart Retro Classic – Geoffrey Hacker @UndiscoveredClassics

1955 Woodill Wildfire I first wrote about this Wildfire when it was spotted at the 2014 Retromobile Show in Paris, France. Click here to Read About The Woodill Wildfire Discovery in Paris France Since then we have become friends with… Read More ›

1959 Cheetah “Moon” Transporter – The Journey Begins – Geoffrey Hacker @UndiscoveredClassics

1959 Cheetah “Moon” Transporter Many of you know that I own the 1959 Moon Transporter.  Actually, it goes by many names: Norm Holtkamp called it the “Cheetah Transporter” Others refer to it as the “Moon Transporter” because Dean Moon owned… Read More ›

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