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Unseen General Motors EV1 Artifacts | Unboxing the Archives – Petersen Museum


Discover the one of the first mass produced electric cars, the #GeneralMotors​ EV1. On this episode of Unboxing the Archives, join Laura as she takes us through the history of #alternativefuels​. From steam to electric, explore everything from the #StanleySteam​ car to the EV1 that traveled across the country.

The General Motors EV1 was the first modern, mass-produced electric vehicle (EV) built by a major manufacturer. A development of GM’s 1990 Impact concept car, the EV1 was aerodynamic, lightweight, and easy to operate. It also had a range acceptable for long-distance commuting. Consumers could only lease, not buy, the cars from select dealers in California, Arizona, and Georgia. After four years of costly production, the EV1 was discontinued and all but 40 cars were dismantled.

Laura recommends the following for further reading on alternative power:

“Turbine Electric Car” Popular Science, September 1975 by E.F. Lindsley: https://books.google.com/books?id=RwE…

More information about Glenn L. Martin https://www.kwu.edu/node/417/alumni-r…

A website dedicated to technical information relating to Stanley Motor Carriage Company Steam Cars and the restoration of a Model 735 Stanley http://www.stanleymotorcarriage.com

Kris Trexler’s Blog about his cross-country trip in the EV1 http://www.kingoftheroad.net/charge_a…

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