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Cleveland museum recalls car shopping 100 years ago – Larry Edsall @ClassicCars.com


(Editor’s note: The Western Reserve Historical Society, which includes the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, recently published the following article in its newsletter and we’ve been granted permission to share it with our readers.)

What better way to usher in the coming year than with the purchase of a brand new car? Hypothetically, let’s say you are shopping for a new Ford, for example. Now, to have some fun, let’s say you were shopping for a new Ford exactly 100 years ago. What would be on offer, and what would the experience for today’s consumer be like? Let’s listen in on the conversation between ‘C,’ the customer, and ‘D,’ the dealer.

‘D’: ‘Good morning little lady, what can we do for you?’

‘C’: (With a slight frown), ‘I’m interested in buying a new car, and I see you’ve got plenty on hand.’

‘D’: ‘Sure do Miss, fresh off the assembly line in Detroit. We’ve got whatever you need; a Sedan, a Coupe, a Roadster Pickup, a Runabout, and a top-of-the-line Touring, all courtesy of Mr. Henry Ford.’

‘C’: ‘Are these the famous Model T’s I’ve heard so much about?’

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Truckloads of 1936 Fords Arrive at Holzbaugh’s Detroit Ford Dealership — The Old Motor


According to the source of today’s lead photo, it was taken in January of 1936 when truckloads of new 1936 Ford cars were being unloaded at George Holzbaugh’s Dealership. The operation was open 24-hours a day and located at West Grand Boulevard and West Fort St. in Detroit, MI, and included a billiards parlor. Holzbaugh…

via Truckloads of 1936 Fords Arrive at Holzbaugh’s Detroit Ford Dealership — The Old Motor

Vintage Ford Dealer’s Lincoln Workbench ” backbar” @Hemmings Classifieds


Vintage Lincoln/Ford Dealer’s Transmission Workbench/tool storage cabinet. All steel. From Lumpkin Ford dealership, Waynoka, OK. 11’6” long x 5′ tall x 2′ 2” deep. I’ve had it about 38 years. All original. It’s not been cleaned—as I got it. Always stored inside. Looks like a ’50s model to me. Center and left cabinet are lighted by a working switch. Right cabinet has steel shelving. Left cabinet uses pegboard. Missing a simple door knob on the right center door as shown in the last photo. Otherwise complete. Steel is good other than the center doors have been bent in a bit, the left long door has a small dent, and the curved metal on the lower left has a dented section about six inches long. All of this damage is shown in the photos. I have lots of storage so there is no hurry to pick it up. Will store for six months or longer at no charge if needed. There are people that come through the country and pick up vintage items like this and deliver. I can help you find someone.


Holmes Motor Company – If It Isn’t A Ford V-8 It’s Out Of Date


Article from the excellent The Old Motor  Internet magazine

“If It Isn’t A Ford V-8 It’s Out Of Date”: was a catchy slogan used in the front window of the Holmes Motor Co., a Ford dealership located in Lexington, Kentucky at 180 East High Street. This publicity photo was taken in the summer of 1934 by the Lafayette Studios, also of Lexington.

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