Early Days of my Model A – Part 3 The Project Begins Headlamps and Wiring

Upon inspection I found that the majority of the front wiring look was either missing or not in great shape and the headlamps were empty!

So I started with the headlamps and wiring from scratch

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Stop Lamp Wiring

Whilst the brake work recently we fitted a new brake light switch. The wiring done by the previous owner was pretty untidy, so with some loom covering, cloth tape etc it all looks a bit better!

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A Day in Harness

Spent the day trying to put the wiring loom into some kind of working order as far as the lighting is concerned. The wiring is mostly original bit has been cut around quite a bit…

Broke a rear lens because the previous owner had cross threaded the lens screws, blew a few fuses but getting there slowly!!

Mrs F kindly went to get fuses 🙂

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