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International Classic Car Informer (ICCI)

This service is an excellent idea and well worth a visit

The International Classic Car Informer

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International Classic Car Informer (ICCI) was started by semi professional classic car restorer and racer Tim Llewellyn in the UK. It is intended to become the best source of supplier business contacts for both professionals and amateurs alike in the classic car world.

Like many, he found that while comfortable locating the parts and services he used regularly, he found he wasted endless time chasing down more obscure items on the internet, or finding good local suppliers to replace ones that were gone.  Whilst the regular search engines are excellent at many searches they can be ineffective and inefficient when trying to locate items whose names are used in other contexts, or for more obscure items. In particular if the items related to a car which was made and predominantly used in another country. Too many simple searches were ending up with countless irrelevant results, or were in a language he could not understand.

After talking to many contacts in the trade, it was felt there was need for a good global online database with a search facility that is intuitive and that will give more accurate results than the other databases on the internet. Special Interest Database Company (SIDC) was thus formed to develop a series of global databases for special interest groups such as those with interests in classic cars. ICCI will never be perfect as a search facility, but SIDC intend it to be the best there is, and every user’s search results will relate to classic cars.

It was felt there was a need to design this database with an old car enthusiast’s mentality rather than simply being built by a computer programmer. Thus SIDC brought in fellow car enthusiast and computer expert Gus Gingell to help build the team working with SIDC to develop and run this database.

SIDC pride themselves in trying to make this not only the best, but most useful and comprehensive classic car database on the internet for both amateur and professional users to find the product or service they seek. It should also be the most cost effective forum for classic car businesses to promote what they do.


1. To become the world’s best, most comprehensive and easy to use database for professionals or amateurs to find anything relating to classic cars from 1979 or earlier. If anyone is trying to locate anything from an oil filter to an upholsterer, from a spark plug to a spray shop, from a dealer or auction house to a specific wedding car or motoring artist, SIDC want International Classic Car Informer to be their first place of choice to search, anywhere in the world.
2. To be the most cost effective forum for classic car businesses to promote their activities.

O’Neill Vintage Ford

Vintage Model A Ford parts, spares and Accessories

Welcome to O’Neill Vintage Ford.
One of the largest specialists of vintage Ford Model A parts and gifts in the UK.
You can purchase our full range of products online using our secure shopping site.

We are Model A Ford and Vintage Flathead Ford V8 owners ourselves and offer a full line of parts to keep your early Ford healthy. If we do not have your parts in stock, we will add them to our next shipment which are brought in from the USA on a regular basis. Our site is always being updated with additional products, so please check our site regularly.
Note: All vintage Ford parts are for USA Left Hand Drive vehicles unless stated otherwise.