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YouTube Channels to Watch (Ongoing)


2/ Junkyard Digs – Kevin Brown’s resurrection channel is full of interesting content and if it can be started he’ll be the one to do it!

3/ Fuzzy Dice Projects – Mike’s channel is full of skilled engineering content and multi-part projects

4/ Budget Buildz – Michael Wagner and his Dad recover, restore and put all manner of vehicles back on the road with no shortage of skill

5/ David Newbern – David is a former collaborator of Mike Finnegan’s and also has a show on Motortrend. David’s channel has lots of variety

6/ Dylan McCool – Apart from having a great name Dylan brings cars back from the dead and often collaborates with other like minded YouTubers

7/ Hagerty – The insurance and growing media giant has all manner of interesting content across the channel. These include, The Barnfind Hunter Tom Cotter, Tony Angelo, Davin Reckow and others

8/ Hemmings Motor News – The YouTube channel of the venerable Hemmings publisher. Was quite dormant for a long time, but is back with a bang of late.

9/ Hot Rod Revue – Hot Rod channel from New Zealand really interesting and well made Hot Rod content

10/ JNH Classics – Jerod does some very innovative and interesting builds, often of the silent variety

11/ Paul Shinn – Paul is “Model A Guy” and for me has the best Model A Ford content on YouTube

12/ Project Farm – Todd tests all thing automotive, really interesting offbeat approach to allow consumers to make educated buying choices

13/ Sally’s Speed Shop – Jacob Ross Davis is a former Hot Rod journo and does all sorts on his channel, workshop build, service truck, road trips. Entertaining!

14/ Wheels Through Time – Matt Walksler is keeping the tradition of the “Museum That Runs” going stong

15/ Wired Customs – Traditional Hot Rod SpeedShop fare across the board, very educational

16/ Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop – World Renowned Classic car expert Iain Tyrrell and his team do it all!

17/ Oak Swamp – Bryan is a UK builder of specials, rat rods and bikes, motto here is ingenuity over bucks

18/ Model A Ford Archive Channel – Interesting historic Model A Ford content

19/ Fingerprints Workshop – Ronald Finger has lots of interesting build content, epic Fiero build as a highlight

20/ Dominic Chinea – Set designer, vehicle restorer, and a metalwork expert on UK TV. personal projects in Dom’s workshop are many and varied

21/ Dennis Collins – Master car dealer and collector Dennis Collins shares his Coffee Walk travels

22/ Model A Ford Archive Channel – A channel dedicated to the appreciation of the Model A Ford through archival footage. Period music is added for an enhanced viewing experience.