I don’t care about the rest of this Studebaker Avanti, I’d buy it just for the interior – Daniel Strohl @Hemmingss


I’ve always been enamored with Avanti interiors. That semi-wraparound dashboard with Stewart-Warner gauges galore had a perfect blend of sports car and hot rod that perfectly complemented Studebaker’s fiberglass-bodied performance car, a sort of analog—if not throwback—standby that remained with the Avanti long after others picked up the torch from Studebaker.
This 1963 Studebaker Avanti for sale on Hemmings.com, however, adds to that allure with plaid inserts all throughout the interior. Front seats, rear seats, and door cards, all in earth tones that remind one of the limited color options available in newspaper and magazine ads of that time. I’d have to ask my Studebaker and Avanti contacts if these are original, but even if they’re not, I don’t care. They remind me of the sleeping bag I had as a kid, and that’s all this car needs to speak to me. Does it have an engine? I guess so. Does it run and drive? Maybe. Does it have some sort of interesting history that warrants a call to the sellers to have them elaborate? I suppose. But these are all ancillary questions—I know everything I need to know about the car with just three interior photos.

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