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How do you put a price on the only 1964 Chrysler Turbine available for sale in decades? – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

Understandably, it’s hard to put a price on this 1964 Chrysler Turbine for sale on Hemmings.com. Most of the remaining examples now reside in museums and Jay Leno’s not likely to let go of his anytime soon, so this one – chassis… Read More ›

The strange story of how J-586 was – and simultaneously wasn’t – the last Duesenberg Model J built – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

When J-586 took the stage at the 1937 New York Auto Show, nearly everybody involved in getting it there knew the end for Duesenberg grew near. However, few people could tell at the time whether this particular Duesenberg Model J… Read More ›

OBS? Task Force? GMT? Squarebody? Your guide to keeping GM full-size pickup nicknames straight – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

For one of the most well-known lines of full-size light-duty trucks in America, there sure seems to be disagreement aplenty over how to differentiate the 11 various postwar generations of Chevrolet and GMC pickups and even what to call those… Read More ›

What you need to know about brake fluid before the next time you bleed your brakes – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

In everyday driving, you probably think about bleeding your car’s brakes about as often as you wonder whether you’ve adequately arranged your sock drawer. Even though you ultimately place a great deal of faith in brake fluid to do its job… Read More ›

How a single magazine cover photo changed the course of auto design at GM in the Eighties – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

For a while in the early 2010s, it seemed that every profile of then-GM CEO Dan Akerson had to include a reference to the framed cover of the August 22, 1983, issue of Fortune magazine in his office. Business Week, the Washington Business Journal,… Read More ›

True world class distinction or, how to try to set the mid-Eighties GM A-bodies apart – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

The idea behind this week’s story about the mid-Eighties GM A-bodies and the backlash over their badge engineering wasn’t to bash the company. Yes, every car company makes mistakes, and it was instructional to see exactly how GM took that criticism to… Read More ›

Two Ford videos made 40 years apart show how much – and how little – engine manufacturing changed – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

From 1954 to 1994, Ford improved its engine casting process in many ways, as we can see from these two Ford-produced videos showcasing the cast-iron engine manufacturing at the Cleveland and Windsor plants, respectively. Computerization! Ergonomic work stations! Conference rooms? A gym? But once… Read More ›

Over a 30-year run, the Jeep Wagoneer hardly changed and entirely transformed at the same time – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

The horizontal grille of the very last 1991 Grand Wagoneer luxury sport-utility vehicle hid some of the same sheetmetal stampings that supported the basic and utilitarian upright grille on the very first 1963 Wagoneer. That’s long led to a belief… Read More ›

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