What Does DeLorean EVolved Actually Promise? – Jay Ramey @Autoweek

What Does DeLorean EVolved Actually Promise? – Jay Ramey @Autoweek

  • DeLorean Motor Company appears to be planning a battery-electric coupe under the DeLorean brand, with a reveal set to take place sometime this year.
  • The Texas-based company, which acquired the rights to the automaker’s name, currently sells parts for the original model.
  • Italdesign is involved with the new sports car project, with Giorgetto Giugiaro having designed the original DMC-12 coupe.

If you’ve been waiting this whole time for a cyberpunk EV and don’t necessarily want it to look like a truck, there could be another option not too far in the future.

The DeLorean Motor Company, or rather its successor in the IP rights, has shared a short teaser video previewing an EV with gullwing doors, set to a Chris Nolan-style trailer soundtrack with ominous-sounding horns.

The vehicle is promised to arrive in 2022, perhaps under the name DeLorean EVolved, as the company’s tweet suggests.

Curiously enough the previewed vehicle does not really suggest a design composed of mostly flat geometric shapes, especially when it comes to the profile of the roof. If you look closely, the teased design appears to feature a pronounced curvature to the A-pillars and the hood.

It does, however, feature gullwing doors, which at this point appear to be the sole element carried over from the original, along with the badge up front. To us the rendering in the teaser video looks far more like a front angle of the Bricklin SV-1 rather than the original DMC-12.

The only thing clear at the moment is that it is intended to be an electric sports car with gullwing doors.

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