RetroFestival 2023 @Newbury Showground

RetroFestival 2023 @Newbury Showground


The annual RetroFestival meant visiting Newbury Showground two weeks in a row.

As usual there was a good selection of American vehicles and many other attractions

On the vehicle front we’ll start with the Trucks

And some vans

And then a very special 1915 Pierce Arrow Truck that has a great story that you can see below and also here

Next up some 1950s

A Hudson pairing

Nice Plymouth Road Runner

Customs and early!


Best of the rest

2 thoughts on “RetroFestival 2023 @Newbury Showground

  1. what a great collection of cars. I had a 1930 Model A PU It was painted green and had the wood sides in the PU bed. It did not have the cowl lights. Fun to see the A’s.

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