Popham Classic Car Show & Autojumble 2018

Took our annual trip to the Popham Airfield Classic Car Show & Autojumble, the show was really well attended. Here are some of the American contingent.

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I particularly liked the 1925 Model T Depot Hack and the Model A Roadster Pickup that you can see in the slideshow. Quite a number of American car clubs were well represented. This is the biggest attendance of cars in general that I’ve seen at this show in the years that I’ve been attending. The excellent weather had something to do with it at a guess I’d say? 🙂


Entire collection of pre-Model T Ford alphabet cars transferred to Piquette Plant museum – Daniel Strohl

Early Fords move to the Piquette Plant museum

As part of the continued development of the old Ford Piquette Plant into a museum the entire collection of  letter number pre-Model T Fords are being moved in and put on display once they have been prepared . The collection belongs to Larry Porter and is known as the Alphabet Ford Collection and will be on loan for 5 years.

Read the rest of the article from Daniel Strohl at Hemmings

Photo courtesy AACA Museum.

Memorandum from Ernest Kanzler to Henry Ford regarding Replacing the Model T, 1926 – The Henry Ford Archives

Ernest Kanzler

This memo was probably on of the reasons that Henry Ford eventually replaced the Model T, however it cost Kanzler his job and damaged Edsel Ford’s career.

The memo in the Henry Ford Museum Archives

The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas – From Mac’s Motor City Garage

The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas

The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas

Ruben’s Model T models are exceptional, see the article here on the Mac’s Motor City Garage blog

Ruben Vinylos of Argentina builds meticulously detailed scale models of the Model T Ford. Inspired in part, he says, by Bruce McCalley’s classic 1994 book, Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World, his exquisite replicas are almost indistinguishable from the real thing

You can see more of Ruben’s work at his website here