Ford Model T

Richard Wray’s Model T Speedster – Charlie Yapp @Secrets of Speed

Article from the latest edition of Secrets pf Speed by Charlie Yapp with photography from yours truly! To say Richards car is clean is an understatement! Photos were taken at the 2019 VHRA Pendine event

It sure looks like Ford had an experimental gas-turbine Model T running around in the Twenties – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

Don’t try to wipe your screen to clear up that blurry image above: It’s a screen-capture from a 50-plus-year-old promotional video uploaded to YouTube at a low resolution setting, so that’s about as sharp as it gets. It’s also about… Read More ›

The first car featured in Hemmings Motor News is still with the same family more than 60 years later – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

t’s a common misconception that Hemmings Motor News for its first half-century or so only ran old-car classified ads and nothing else. That’s certainly how Ernest Hemmings started the company in 1954. However, not long afterward, he started to feature readers’ cars… Read More ›

Schoof Ford Special – One of a Long Line of Championship Cars — The Old Motor

This third post in a series of photographs by Roman Kwasniewski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin features the Schoof Ford Special owned by William “Bill” Schoof of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Schoof’s cars began running in the AAA Championship racing series in the mid-1920s… Read More ›

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