How Chevrolet sold full-sizes, midsizes, compacts, and SUVs all with the same footprint as a 1955 Bel Air – Jeff Koch @Hemmings

The 1955 Chevrolet is the right sized car for America. Don’t believe me? Then why does America keep buying cars that take up its footprint?
The size is perfect: It’s large enough to seat who you need to, six in a pinch, but small enough that you don’t lose the corners in the supermarket parking lot and start pranging curbs and carts. It’s so right that GM itself has continued to make vehicles of its size throughout the post-war era, and made bank off their backs: the Tri-Five era that beat Ford in the sales race two years out of three, the midsize Chevelle that helped democratize high-performance to a generation, the compact (and increasingly plush) Nova, then again in the late ’70s when the midsize line got downsized. To this day, Chevy still sells a hundred thousand of this size vehicle a year, though not in a format you’d expect.

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