Traditional Hot Rod How-To: Making the Right Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A – Hot Rod Deluxe – Scotty Lachenauer

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Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A
Chassis Mods for our Racing Roadster Project Model A

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Building a Four-Banger Model A Motor for Street and Race – Hot Rod Deluxe – Scotty Lachenauer

This is what I’d love to do for my Model A at sometime in the future (if I win the lottery 🙂

Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build
Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build

Scotty Lachenauer is following the build of a hopped up roadster for TROG

This episode covers the build of a four banger for the project, the article is here


Berkshire Motor Show 2016

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Went along to the Berkshire Motor Show with the Sport Coupe for its second show outing of the year

The first proper run with the new rear suspension set up, very pleased rides very well 🙂

John Cochran with his A truck was parked next to me, pretty good show with no rain and a few other American cars present.

The best part of the show was that proceeds went to Charity!




Model A Ford Spring Spreader

I hope to be doing the rear spring on the Model A soon, and my friend John gave me a quick crash course on now to use the spring spreader safely.

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450 feet under Lake Michigan, classic car cache rests in frigid silence

450 feet under Lake Michigan, classic car cache rests in frigid silence Nash
450 feet under Lake Michigan, classic car cache rests in frigid silence

I hadn’t heard of this before, really interesting story from Michigan Live written by Garret Ellison

WISCONSIN — The world’s largest collection of 1929 and 1930 Nash Motors automobiles exists not in a museum, but rather entombed in the frigid depths of Lake Michigan.

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Hand Signals, What the Hell are Those?

I’ve decided to put some indicators on the A as it’s too darn dangerous to go without, most drivers these days don’t have a clue what these actually are…

Hand Signals Copyright
Hand Signals Copyright

I purchased the lamps that fit into the centre of the bumper bars, not 100% sure I’ll leave them where they are at the moment but we’ll see!

Lamps are in the bumper bars, the switch is fitted to the column and the wiring has begun. The switch is the fairly standard retro unit that a lot of Hot Rodder’s use.

I purchased the switch from Duksville and chose the heavy duty unit with hazard flasher functionality.

The wiring progress can be seen below, trying to hide it as best I can.

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Wheels Day 2016, Three Years in the Making

After nearly three years of work and help from a number of folks the A made it’s show debut at the UK American car show season opener, Wheels Day at Rushmoor Arena Aldershot.

The trip was a 44 mile round trip including a motorway traffic jam and the car behaved really well with the exception of some issues on the way back. These appear to haver been cleared by replacing the grease added to the steering box by the previous owner with some 140W gear oil.

The Wheels Day show has had some ups and downs over the past few years but now looks like it’s on the way back.

Karen came along and John Barron kindly followed us there and back as wing man 🙂

Good day all round

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