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How to spot a Ford pushrod V-8, from flathead to 460 – Brandan Gillogly @Hagerty


How to spot a Ford pushrod V-8, from flathead to 460

Let’s say it’s your lucky day, and you’ve found an engine laying around in the back of a garage with an unknown history. Or maybe you’re trying to discern which engine was swapped into a car, and all of the aftermarket parts between the fenders are muddying the waters. In any case, the first step is always to identify the engine

Determining precisely which engine you’re looking at under the hood can be difficult. Heck, sometimes a brand produced more engine families in the same decade than you can count on both hands. If you’re pretty sure you’re looking at a Ford V-8, the following guide will help you make the proper ID of your engine so that you can dive deeper into the ID.

This article, focusing on Ford passenger car V-8s, isn’t a full history on engine tech or applications. It’s intended as a primer to help you narrow things down and, in turn, enrich your gearhead knowledge. We’ll focus on the biggest visual keys to look for when you come face-to-valve-cover with eight cylinders of Detroit metal.

Ford flathead V-8: 1932–53

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Powermaster Improves a Flathead V8’s Charging and Cranking Without Sacrificing the Vintage Vibe – HotRod


Retaining the vintage vibe on a hot rod you really want to pile the miles on can lead to compromises. Old engines and speed parts that have the look you want may not perform the way you expect during a 400-mile journey, and, in many cases, you may just have to settle.

Many find they have to swap original fans for electric ones for efficiency, for example, hide a stealthy fuel-injection system, or even use an alternator in place of a generator. Since it’s mounted right out front on most engines, a generator certainly carries the traditional vibe, but it falls far short of current output compared to an alternator.

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We don’t know where’s the beef, but here’s the car – Larry Edsall


We don’t know where’s the beef, but here’s the car

Pick of the Day was special ordered by Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas

You don’t have to be the owner of a Wendy’s restaurant franchise to want to buy the Pick of the Day, but it might help. The car is a 1978 Glassic roadster done in the style of a 1929 Ford Model A and was specially ordered by Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, according to the Volo, Illinois, dealer advertising the car on

“Dave custom ordered this factory-built 1978 Glassic roadster to suit his specific needs, which was an eye-catching paint scheme using the colors from the Wendy’s logos,” the dealer says. 

“Most of the Glassics were equipped with a 4 cyl and no options, Dave ordered this one with a 302, power steering, brakes and an automatic transmission.

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We don’t know where’s the beef, but here’s the car

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1937 Samco Cord Replica – @Hemmings


Seller’s Description:

Here is another of our popular 1937 Cord replicas. this one is also factory built by Samco in 1970 & is the Warrior model, 302 V8 Ford, automatic, Power Brakes & Steering, rear jump seat, like new tan top, rich red interior, luggage rack with rear spare, CD player, suicide doors, 1 piece body, & now 48 years old!! 220HP, heater etc.

This is one of the coolest looking replicas ever built. 1937 Cord that was factory built in 1970 by Sports Automobile Maufacturing Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma- SAMCO & the model is the Warrior, & our other one listed in the Royale. has the famous Coffin Nose grille, front & rear Cord bumpers, & still powered by the peppy 220 HP Ford 5.0 liter 302 V8 engine with the 3 speed C4 automatic transmission, Power brakes & Power steering, heater. Just rebuilt the carburetor, new plugs, points ,cap etc. Thick suicide doors with lift out side windows, rear jump seat, like new tan top, & titled as a 1970 Cord, rich red interior, side supercharger pipes, luggage rack with rear spare tire, Michelin radials, Cord front emblem, new CD player just installed, full tilt up front end for easy engine access, chrome air cleaner & custom valve covers, very clean engine area, 1 piece body, 2900 pounds with 108″ wheelbase, wood grain dash with custom steering wheel, 3 rear view mirrors, seat belts, 6 black face classic styled gauges, tinted glass, 2 piece windshield, & showing 43,000 miles in 48 years!! paint is peeling in some areas, & tach isn’t working right, runs & drives great, has a clean Florida tile in Bobs Classics Inc. name. and being 48 years old now, its actually a classic, even being a replica, & exempt from all emissions, & eligible for antique tags in most states. only 400 cars were ever built from 1968 to 1970. Vin# is 099W1127F a lot of car for only $22,900.!! that’s all $22,900.!! we can ship it to your door, by enclosed, insured, truck carrier, & we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. a lot of fun for the bucks!!

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